‘Peripheral’ on The Literary Nest

As it turns out, the first blog post on my website is an announcement of my first published poem for 2021. This space wasn’t really meant for just announcements but for actual blog entries about writing, sharing interesting articles, and anything else that grabs my fancy (like cat paws or zombie film auditions). Anything to show you I am really here.

That’s the thing about having plans. 2020 showed us the universe doesn’t give a damn about our plans. It does what it does and we have to find out which way it is going.

We’ve got to buy a ticket, get on the universe train and write poems about what we see. Or start a company… on the train.
Or save the bees (on the train, but maybe it’s a big train).
This metaphor is getting away from me, but you get the picture.

Oh, and here’s the link to my poem, Peripheral on The Literary Nest, published 7 Feb 2021.

I’ll do better on my next blog post.

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